Saturday, August 28, 2010

New Website ^^

Unfortunately there's no release today but we're here to announce that we will be closing down this blog. Don't fret though because we're still going to continue scanlating for you all, we've just relocated ^^
This has been a long time coming but we haven't had a chance to actually work on the site until recently (x
Please click on the logo below to visit our new site ^^
From now on all updates will be posted there.
Also, please sign up ;)
Eventually there will be perks for registered users =D

Friday, August 27, 2010

Weekend Releases!

I know it's a little early but my weekend normally starts on Fridays since I don't have work, lol.
Anyways, to start off everyone's weekend we're bringing you two releases today!

Our first release is the first chapter of volume 8 for New Sexy Simpleton!
Things get more interesting as a secret is revealed ;)

Next up we have another chapter of Crazy Girl Shin Bia!
Now we'll see what happens when Bia goes to the village plagued by a strange disease.
Please thank Rapunzel for her speedy translations!
This time it's not a HQ chapter because I need to focus on cleaning High School Bullying =P

Enjoy your releases everyone and thanks for all your support~

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

NSS Releases

I'm back with another release ~
Once again it's for New Sexy Simpleton. We promise that once this is done we'll be updating CGSB regularly again ;) On the bright side we're almost done NSS! Chapter 35 brings us to the end of Volume 7, that means we only have 2 more volume left ^^ We should be done within two weeks or so.

Also, although I mentioned High School Bullying a while ago we are making great progress on it ^^ We're just waiting until we finish NSS or are close to finishing before starting it as we plan to release that series at least once a week. And that's in addition to Crazy Girl Shin Bia releases ;) Idol Shopping will also hopefully be back on track once NSS is done ^^

Sorry about the delays but be assured we will finish these series!


Monday, August 23, 2010


Ahem, so after I made my post about updating CGSB yesterday evening a whole bunch of stuff happened =P
  1. The cleaned raws I asked Rapunzel for ended up being a dead file (x Thus I had to clean this chapter myself, so that took some time =P

  2. After finishing cleaning all the raws I felt like going an extra step and bring you guys a HQ chapter ^^ ... That took even more time as it's technically additionally cleaning ^^; Eventually since it was taking rather long I gave up on the idea of taking out the sfxs as well because then your release would be even more delayed (x But the pages are extra clean ;)

  3. I was distracted by other things last night so I thought I could just upload it tomorrow morning at work .. Didn't turn out so well now did it? =P Apparently there was a blackout in the building earlier so wifi was down (x
And now that I've caught you all up, here is your release!

CGSB Chapter 26


p.s. While typesetting the chapter I realized that there was a translation missing. If anyone can guess which translation I ad-libbed I will make another HQ release B) (hint: it was only one speech bubble) Oh and just a heads up High School Bullying will be HQ throughout the whole series ^^ Still not sure about if the sfxs will be cleaned out though =/ So maybe partial HQ? ;P We'll see how much free time I have once school starts up again =P

Update: The file is too big to upload to MF so I'm going to resize the pages and upload it soon ^^

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Weekend Releases ^^

I'm here to bring you all your weekend release(s) ;)
First off will be NSS Chapter 34, which is another humor-filled chapter~
Additionally, I later tonight if Kira hasn't uploaded CGSB I'll be uploading my own version as I promised you guys a release within the week.
Lol, I felt like I had to keep at least one of my promises =P

Also, concerning our next projects we'll be having a poll for everyone to vote on when we get around to it ^^

Enjoy and look out for the CGSB chapter later tonight or early tomorrow =)

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

NSS Updates~

Here's Chapter 32 ^^

Umm .. It looks like something went wrong with our layout. Hopefully I'll be able to get Kira to fix it as I don't have access to that ^^;

Another humorous chapter for you all ^^
There is also the arrival of a new character :o Things are definitely getting more interesting ;)

NSS Chapter 33

HMR's Community

Russian skanleytkomandu

They want to translate HMR's manhwa to Russian.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Info update

Well I have meant to tell you guys this for a while, but I just didn't know what to label the new tab *sigh* I still don't, but I guess I shouldn't put it of any longer...

If you understand Russian better than English then you should probably be exited about this, but if you are just a big HMR fan then you should also probably be glad about it... Russian skanleytkomandu will be using our projects to bring HMR's manhwas to the Russian community. If you want more info just click on Other (I couldn't come up with anything better)... it is under Projects

Also the staff section in our blog has been updated ^_^ (I hope it will make it easier for you guys to contact us if you have any questions) I will also be going through our questions and ideas section and erasing some of the really old questions since it has gotten really long.

One more thing... you guys might have noticed the sign in tab above about us... well it's not like we have a sign in for our blog is just if you have a google, twitter or yahoo account you can use that account to follow us and post on our page using your account, but you do not need to do this... it does not affect the links or anything like that.